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We can put a Ford ESP on any eligible vehicle in the United States or Canada!!!!  ASK SABRINA ABOUT THE ONLINE SPECIAL!!!!!!!!! 

Ford Extended Service Plans (ESP) perform to take care of automotive shop charges and give our customers reduced financial risk during the ownership period of their vehicle.  Ford ESP is honored at over 4,600 Ford shops throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Ford Extended Service Plans are transferable, adding resale value to your vehicle.  If your vehicle is out of warranty, you could be eligable for a Ford backed ESP regardless of the make or model. (some limitations apply)  Unlike other warranty companies, Ford ESP are not reimbursed claims, a deductible is the only cost at the time of repair.  Ford Extended Warranties are a money saving plan.  The warranty can save serious out of pocket expenses and can be included in a car payment.  Super Duty Engine Plans are also available to 200,000 miles to put warranty on all 6.0 L, 7.3 L and 6.4 L diesel engines at a $0 deductible.  Ford ESP also comes with Roadside Assistance.      

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